Listening Tips

One of the things we hear often from our listeners is that a commercial has cut into the middle of the song you were listening to.  Rest assured we are not putting ads in the middle of the songs.  Here is what is happening and some tips on how to avoid this from happening.

When you connect to Fun Tower Radio to listen you will first hear an ad.  These intro ads are there because they help us pay the bills.  The music licensing, bandwidth, equipment and other fees are a lot more than you might think.  These intro ads pay the most since everyone is forced to listen to them.

If you hear an ad in the middle of the song you’re listening to the reason is because your connection to the stream was briefly interrupted.  That interruption (even if you didn’t hear it) was enough for the player to reconnect to the stream again and thus you hear another intro ad.

Some tips for you.

While we placed the Cassette Tape player on our FunTowerRadio.COM homepage for your convenience it may not be the best player for you, especially if you are on a slower connection.   The Cassette Tape player on the homepage plays our 128k MP3 stream.

If you are having issues we suggest you go to our Listen Live Page at and select our 64k AAC+ stream.  This stream uses half the bandwidth of our 128k stream, and uses the latest compression technology so that the 64k stream actually sounds better than our 128k stream!

Also on the Listen Live page you will see options for listening in other players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp.  These players may offer you better streaming service as they have better built in buffering in them, this buffering can help prevent your stream from restarting and you from hearing an ad in the middle of your favorite song!  Give them a try and see which one works best for you, and best of all, they are all free programs for you to use!

Here at Fun Tower Radio we offer you three streaming speeds for your listening pleasure.  Those stream speeds are 64k AAC+, 128k MP3 and 192k MP3.  For you average listening pleasure no matter if listening on a smart phone, or on a PC we recommend you use our 64k AAC+.  Remember that because due to advanced encoding technology that the 64k stream sound BETTER than the 128k MP3 stream!

Fun Tower Radio also offers a high bandwidth  / Audiophile Quality 192k MP3 stream, however we ask that you only use this stream if you are listening on a good stereo system.   The 192k stream is so high bitrate that our ad insertion system can no run ads on that stream.  When we go to ads you will hear PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) instead of ads which help us pay the bill.  We have noticed that many of the people listening to our 192k stream are listening on a smartphone where you can’t really hear the difference in the audio, so besides burning through your phones data plan at a faster rate you are taking ad revenue away from Fun Tower Radio.  Because of this we ask you to PLEASE use our 192k stream sparingly.   If it becomes too big of a problem we have to remove the high bandwidth feed.  So again please only use it if you are listening on a good stereo system. (And if you are crank it up LOUD!)

So hopefully that explains better what is going on and why sometimes you hear ads in the middle of songs.

Thanks for listening to Fun Tower Radio!

Scott Greczkowski
Chief Engineer
Fun Tower Radio