Fun Tower Schedule

Did you know that Ron is LIVE on Fun Tower Radio SIX NIGHTS A WEEK? That right, Saturday Nights are not the only day of the week for you to get your Rockin Ron fix anymore!

Below is our current Fun Tower Schedule for Rockin Ron’s LIVE broadcasts! (All times listed are EASTERN TIME)

[weekly-schedule schedule=1]

  • Note – Ron takes of Sunday’s to travel to Dayton, Ohio to see his pal Darlene.
3 comments on “Fun Tower Schedule
  1. Frank Izzo says:

    Is there any plans to have video of Ron when he’s on? Like what Is done on vaughnlive or Also is a fun tower app in the works or the tune in radio app for smart phones? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. wayne says:

    Does ron have any collectible quarters in those rolls he takes to Dayton?

  3. Art Estrada says:

    Thanks Chief engineer Scott Greczkowski for the update. I just look forward to FTR just to take off BIG time. And for Ron Sedaille, I’d would love to see him become a household name not only nationwide but worldwide. I put him up there with great jocks like Scott Shannon, Howard Stearn, Rick Dees, Larry Lujack, Gary Owens just to name a few. Just a great radio personality that should have been on the radio in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago. But he’s a Northeasterner, and that’s a good thing. It shows that he loves his listeners in that area, and very dedicated to them. Thanks to the internet, now everyone around the world can be entertain to such a great personality that is entertaining and fun to listen too.