Stream Changes

Hi everyone and THANK YOU for listening to Fun Tower Radio!

I wanted to let you know about a change we had to make to our Fun Tower Streaming today, and that change was the dropping of our 192K stream.  We know a lot of you used this stream which is why pulling it down was a hard choice for us to make.

The reason why it was pulled is because we added additional live programming each weeknight so that we could generate the ad revenue needed to pay the bills here at Fun Tower Radio.  As many know the 192k stream did not play the commercials instead you heard PSA’s.  The commercial insertion software we use is not compatible with 192k streams.  Since we added the live weeknight programming 98% of those who tuned in on the weeknights were using the 192k stream, this means we were not earning the ad revenue we need to pay the bills.

We want to see Fun Tower Radio continue and grow so we felt this was the best move for us to make.

For those who loved our 192k stream, we urge you to try our 64k AAC+ stream, which sounds almost as good as the 192k stream did.  In fact our 64k AAC+ Stream sounds better than our 128k MP3 stream!  AAC+ is the latest compression technology that allows us to give you better quality sound using less bandwidth over the old MP3 compression technology.

I hope you can understand why we had to make this change.  If there is an update to our commercial insertion software in the future that supports 192k we will be more than happy to return the 192k stream.

Thank you for listening to Fun Tower Radio!

Chief Engineer