New Fun Tower Chat Tonight!

As you might have heard we are testing some new software at FunTowerRadio.COM! Tonight we will move our normal showtime banter to our New Fun Tower Chat Found at FunTowerRadio.COM!

You will need to be logged into you FunTowerRadio.COM account to use the chat. If you are not registered yet, registration is fast, free and easy! (If you do not get your confirmation email please check your Junk Mail folder!)

Once logged in you can join in the fun!

Remember this is just a test, it does not mean that this is what we will ultimately move to. And we know people hate change, so we ask you please to try it with an open mind and give it a try and let us know what you think!

If you have any questions PM Scott Greczkowski on Facebook, and he will help you as soon as he can.

  • FAQ *

Q – Can I change my name being shown in the chat?
A – Yes – There is a box to the left just above where you type. Click in it and type in the name you want to use, and it will change your username in the chat.

Q – Can I change my Avatar?
A – Yes there are a few ways to do it. Once logged in click on the words “Fun Tower Radio” on the top, a memnu will pop down, select “Dashboard” once the Dashboard pops up select “Profile” from the selections on the left and now scroll down, you will see a place where you can upload your avatar.

Or you can keep on scrolling down more and have it use your Facebook Avatar. To do this put your Facebook Handle in the Facebook Handle Box and check the box under it. To find your Facebook Handle go to Facebook, click on your name and you will see the URL change. For Rocking Ron it would look like so take that rockinron.sedaille and put that in the Facebook Handle Box.


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    ron i cant get in

  3. michaeldyer says:

    i cant get in whats going on