Howard Stern Talks About Ron!

On the May 18th edition of The Howard Stern Show, the King of All Media mentioned that while he was on vacation he watched videos of our very own Rockin’ Ron from his YouTube Channel!

You can hear what else Howard Stern said about Rockin’ Ron by CLICKING HERE! (MP3 Download Link)

If you want to see some of the videos that Howard watch you can check them out by CLICKING HERE!

Thanks Howard for the mention, we now know why you are not only The King of All America… but we also know you are called “America’s Judge” as you know talent when you hear it! Howard Stern can be found on SiriusXM Satellite Radio on Channel 100!

Oh and Baba Booey to y’all too!

2 comments on “Howard Stern Talks About Ron!
  1. Art Estrada says:

    You’re great Ron! No doubt about it!

  2. wayne says:

    About time someone like howard gave a shoutout to someone like ron. Long over due credit to just how good ron is at what he does.. Spinning the platters that matter.